Across the bridge and around the bend lies a river…



I woke up at dawn this morning to catch a few misty  snapshots. Getting out of bed wasn’t difficult, I was already getting up to feed my infant son Noah.

Once the baby is content and fed, I hand him over to Daddy who takes over. I am able to go out and explore. Satisfied to have a few hours  of careless wandering.

Eager to capture the surreal glow around me. But I wonder where is the sun? I was hoping to catch a few rays of light underneath this foggy cloak, but apparently it seems it’s going to be a gray day.

It doesn’t matter. I am still happy.

I got what I wanted. I still got my shots. I got to walk in the silence of the woody trails. I was able to breathe cool morning air.

I got back home to a fresh pot of coffee and breakfast made by Boyfriend.

Purgatory as Purification (Cleansing by Water)

05_genviolette_cleansing by water-1_2011 07_genviolette_cleansing by water-3_2011 06_genviolette_cleansing by water-2_2011


Grief took a hold of her heart and wouldn’t let go until she wished it away.

 Drop by drop the sadness  filled her until she found herself surrounded by past regrets.

Being submerged, to the waist, in a pool of water.

How could she get herself out of this uncomfortable wetness without feeling the bitter cold  air upon her skin?

How could she return to a dry and warm comfort?

Until she saw the predicament she found herself in as an opportunity to grow, she would never move on out of it.

Her place of pain was also her place of salvation.

This water she found herselg in could also cleanse and baptize her.

It could wash away the grime of all the darkest places she’s been.

She didn’t know that walking into the pain was her doorway out.

Stay Away

This video was made using Chris Thile’s song Stay Away. The video made and the images were taken by me.

I have been longing to make a film for a very long time. I have been aching to make a linear story using images like photographs. I have always believed that images and music make the perfect marriage. In my first attempt at making a small film, I have to admit I am proud of the outcome. There’s no specific meaning to the images captured except that I wanted to make a film that reflected a dream-like and haunting feeling. I feel that the song was chosen specifically because it sounded exactly like the images. I didn’t want to chose an instrumental music because I believe in the power of poetry. I wanted the viewers to concentrate on the words as much as the visual aspect. As if the video helped them  listen more closely.

The Wheels

The Wheels_2012_02Collage made by Gen Violette

I am fascinated by the intricate details of the snowflakes. They look as precious as a diamond but they are only made of frozen water. How can something so fragile be so cold and yet appear to be made of glass and so easy to break. I started to wonder if these tiny creations carried the microcosm of the Universe. They look like tiny wheels that could contain the entire mystery of creation. It made me believe that there might be some form of divinity behind this natural work of art. I am starting to notice that the natural world is made up of sacred geometry and it can be found everywhere. Even in chaos, the world has it’s own unexplained natural order and wisdom. A form of intelligence greater than the limits of my own imagination. It humbles me. Theses snowflakes, although impermanent, become gems and can surpass the beauty of any diamond. Because they can’t last forever.

Scenes from a Fairy Tale

Since my return to my hometown, which also meant my return to nature from the Big City, I have been spending much time in the wilderness. Before my departure to Montreal a year ago, I had begun a series of photographs entitled Scenes from a Fairy Tale . It was unknown to me at the time, but they all shared the same other-worldly and magical feeling. At that time, they were just random snapshots of my expeditions and my rendition of nature’s impression upon me. A few months before leaving Montreal for good, I sent those photographs to the Defining Moments contest, a project created by Taking It Global.My images were chosen to be a part of the Montreal and Toronto exhibitions. Suddenly, the theme of the images became clear to me, and I decided to explore that notion further in my practice. The upcoming art show presented at the Edmundston Public Library is the result of my visual explorations. I have intended to instill and activate a sense of wonder about the natural world to the viewer.

Scenes from a Fairy Talewill be shown at the Mgr. W.-J. Conway Public Library in Edmundston from September 1st to the 28th 2012.