44 days of Purification-Day 13

I have been observing Lent for 13 days now.

Giving up meat and alcohol is not the most difficult part of my fast. It’s actually quite natural for me to let go of them, as if I am simply returning to my authentic self.The most difficult part is the emotional/spiritual responses that seem to arise within me and having to deal with some emotional issues that have re-surfaced. When I gave up smoking it was challenging physically because my body was experiencing a withdrawal. Once I got over that part I felt I could think clearly as if my mind wasn’t clouded by smoke anymore. Although, it did trigger some grief I was able to release it through some breath-work. But this is a little different. I understand the importance of incorporating a spiritual practice in combination with this transition. It helps in the emotional processing and mental cleansing as well.

I just woke up some morning knowing I had to cleanse. It was simply ironic how Lent was just around on the corner, and it seemed like a great opportunity to make a change. I began this fast effortlessly and with ease, as if my body knew exactly what it was doing and what it wanted. So I trusted it. But I know that this is only a preparation and I want to explore this more intensely. I am becoming aware that as I cleanse my body, I am also ridding myself of emotional and mental toxin.

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