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I’m green with envy for you, my love.

She took a bite of the apple… a recurring theme. We’ve all  heard this story before, first in the Bible then in a fairy tale.

The strange fruit that sends her to her doom, why does she always end up taking a bite? It never ends good. In the Bible it sends humanity into the depths of calamity. Exiled from paradise. In the fairy tale, the protagonist falls into a slumber akin to death only to be swept away into a foreign land like a piece of property… And the prince? We all know it can’t possibly end up happily ever after. Still I wonder, what if she had said:  » No, saving my life does not give you ownership over it. I think I’ll stay in the woods after all. »

As for Adam, I think he was only jealous that Eve had the guts to taste the fruit of knowledge before him. The big coward had to be coaxed into it. What an excuse of a man.